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No Hope For the Human Race

The movement started as a facebook page on January 12th, 2012. The admins of No Hope continue to remain Anonymous . In the beginning, what started as a simple Mission Statement followed by a list of 20 Laws, they began posting funny pictures, escalating the pages popularity to world wide noteriety in just under 5 months. Though they have dealt with a number of controversies, they continue to grow. They now have an online merch store , a blog , an image board/community website and a gigantic, half-a-million strong, cult-like following. They have amassed a number of moral soldiers as well as troll armies . Having large numbers of both always results in WIN + Fail = WIN. Which we all know according to the rules of the internet , will eventually end in fail anyway. This is the all seeing purpose of the movement. No Hopers, have all united as one big social experiment, that will eventually end in fail. This will prove the very sentiment that there is in fact, no fucking hope for the human race.

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